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Conducting a wireless survey is essential to correctly implementing a WiFi network with 99.999% availability. Too many WiFi networks simply do not work as intended or they under-perform. Conducting a professional wireless site survey will save businesses both time and money in the long run.

Systel uses the latest industry tools and techniques to map out wireless radio frequency coverage of an intended area. We then provide clients with complete documentation on all aspects of the survey. Only after a professionally conducted wireless survey will customers be equipped to create a fully scalable and secure wireless network.

The site survey reports a complete breakdown of the hardware required to achieve a successful wireless network. This can be of considerable value for network managers that need to allocate a budget in the future. We can conduct a survey keeping in mind any wireless manufacturer's hardware that is essential for the network design.

Just about anyone with a wireless card and Network Stumbler claims they can perform a wireless site survey. Before choosing a vendor, make an educated decision and find out what kind of tools, experience, and training will be used.

Wireless site surveys include the following:

  • Detection, measuring, and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network
  • Calculation of the WiFi supported data rates that can be expected throughout the premises
  • Access point locations
  • Wireless bridge locations
  • Antennas and other wireless equipment
  • Co-location of WiFi access points with channel selection and reuse
  • Information such as: antenna selection, orientation and polarization
  • Look for signs of, reflection, refraction, multipath, hidden nodes, dead spots, etc.

Wireless site survey documentation includes:

  • Detailed information on the data gathered from the survey
  • Photographs at the location of all wireless equipment
  • Maps of the WiFi RF coverage
  • Details of RF interference
  • WiFi Equipment list

Spectrum Analysis / RF Interference

A full spectrum analysis will include detection, measuring, and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth, and legacy wireless devices can have a profound impact on a wireless network.
  • WiSpy Channels
  • RF Interference
  • Measurement of SNR
  • RF power peaks
  • WiFi Channel interference
  • WiFi Channel Overlap