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Systel is your number one source for WiFi wireless network design, development, sales, configuration, and installation services. Whatever services you may need, we can assure you Systel will do a superior job.

The invisibility and the uncertainty of RF propagation can make wireless LAN performance and network planning complex tasks. Whether investing in a new 802.11n WLAN network, migrating from a legacy 802.11 a/b/g WLAN network, or using a mixed environment, proper planning keeps sensitive data secure and critical applications running at a peak performance level.

Covering all areas of the wireless implementation lifecycle, Systel offers a comprehensive set of professional services including planning, design, site survey, installation, configuration, and security.

Customers will benefit by optimizing WLAN performance in a variety of ways. This includes eliminating unnecessary capital expenditure, minimizing help desk calls from unsatisfied users, and maximizing performance of critical applications while securing the network from wireless threats.

Our services include all wireless installation and mounting activities including:

  • A physical site assessment to confirm suitability of each intended mounting location
  • Confirmation of suitable AC power capacity and availability
  • Installation of required structured Ethernet cable (both indoor and outdoor installation)
  • Specialty installation feature design and installation including:
    • Trenching
    • Overhead aerial cables
    • Tower or pole erection
  • Mounting of all access points and antennas including required antenna cable runs and antenna grounding
  • Installation of appropriately weather-rated or fire-rated wireless network equipment enclosures
  • Interconnection of the WiFi system to the existing IP network infrastructure
  • Equipment tune-up and on-site configuration
  • Post-installation coverage and connectivity verification
  • Complete Wireless Network Installation Services

Commercial Wireless Installations

  • Indoor Wireless Installations
  • Outdoor Wireless Installations
    • Point to Point Wireless
    • Point to Multi Point Wireless
    • Wireless Mesh Network