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Is your wireless network not performing the way your business needs it to? Do you have interference, dropouts, poor throughput, or connection issues? Do you want peace of mind and reassurance that your wireless network is operating to its highest levels?

Our WiFi Health Check Surveys are an invaluable tool in diagnosing problematic wireless networks. From wireless network dropouts, discovering hidden nodes and frequency interference, to WiFi rogue access points and many more hazards to wireless networks, Systel can ensure that your wireless network starts to perform properly.

Performing a wireless survey on an existing wireless network is a great way to baseline your wireless performance. As the environment in which your WiFi network exists is forever changing, performing a wireless health check can highlight RF issues before they become a problem.
  • Poor Performance / Throughput
  • RF Interference
  • Find WiFi Rogue Access Points
  • Locate Dead Spots
  • WiFi Security Weaknesses
  • WiFi Client Connection Problems

Poor Performance and Throughput

Are your WiFi clients experiencing poor performance on your wireless network? There may be a serious problem causing low throughput that is starting to have an impact on your business.

Spectrum Analysis / RF Interference

A full spectrum analysis will include detection, measurement, and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network. Interference such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth, and legacy wireless devices can have a serious impact on your WiFi network.

Find Rogue Access Points

WiFi Rogue access points are a serious threat to the security of your wireless network and corporate data. A WiFi rogue access point is usually installed by someone who is looking for the same convenience and flexibility at work that they have grown accustomed to using on his/her home wireless network. This occurs when full wireless coverage throughout the building is nonexistent.

Locate Wireless Dead Spots

Dead spots in your wireless network can sometimes be hard to find; they can be the result of a poorly designed WiFi network or a change in the RF environment. Allowing us to help you design more redundancy into your network design, our wireless health check will map out all of the coverage holes in your WiFi network.

Security Weaknesses

WiFi security is presently at the top of everyone's agenda; that should be no different for your wireless network. WEP and WPA are no longer acceptable in a corporate environment; our wireless survey will highlight your security weaknesses allowing us to give you the right recommendations to secure your data!

The Health Check Survey documentation will include:

  • Maps of the WiFi RF coverage
  • Detection, measurement and recording of the presence of RF Interference that could degrade the performance of a wireless network
  • Diagnostics of common WiFi problems - Hidden Node, Near Far, Sticky Client etc.
  • Recommendations for fault resolution