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If there is a problem with your security video surveillance system, it usually is not the camera or NVR/DVR. Odds are the root cause of the issue is in the infrastructure behind the CCTV system itself. Few technicians and integrators are able to logically isolate those back-end problems and instead immediately default to swapping out equipment. In some cases, that is needed to fix the problem, but what do you do after you have swapped out a device and the problem persists?

There are a specific set of questions that technicians need to ask in order to isolate the problem, covering overall construction, infrastructure changes, cabling, signal strength, installation methods, electrical resistance, IP equipment, and networks.

For example, when examining the premises’ infrastructure, key questions include:

  • Has anyone tried to correct the problem before now?
  • Has any new equipment been installed?
  • Have any changes taken place on the premises, such as electrical work?

65% of CCTV system failures are related to cable problems. Factors such as cable length, bandwidth, and the types of cables can come into play. Let Systel's trained and experienced technicians get your system back up and working fast.