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Like an insurance policy, Systel's Managed Service plans are all about the peace of mind that comes with transferring the risk of “ownership” from your company to ours. Our plans can provide an assortment of critical IT services including helpdesk, PC management, server management, and network management for a flat-rate monthly subscription. In choosing one of the specialized plans, Systel promises to get the job completed within the scope of your service plan.

By helping you budget more effectively and allocate resources more efficiently, Systel's Managed Service plans allow your company to be covered in the case of an unforeseen event. Our Managed Service plans can provide your company with a predictable cost structure and a lower Total Cost Ownership (TCO) in the long-term.

Our managed services plans are great for small and mid-size organizations that want an outsourced IT department. Systel promises your business reliability and consistency.

Support Areas

Help Desk

Our Help Desk Support team promises friendly and knowledgeable support specialists, as well as engineers to help you through even the toughest IT problems. Our support team handles 90% of all service requests via phone, email, or remote access.

On-Site Support

For those IT issues that require hands-on attention, Systel deploys certified engineers. Our on-site support engineer(s) arrives at your location equipped with all the necessary knowledge and equipment to resolve any issues you may be experiencing. It is our goal to ensure that your organization stays up and running.


In order to ensure that your computers, servers, and networking equipment are always protected and up to date, Systel provides automatic updates including software patches and security releases.

Data Backup

At Systel, we know that even the smallest of businesses cannot afford to lose data. We can make sure your data is backed up regularly and stored at a secure, offsite location. No more worrying if you backed up your data; rest easy knowing your data is secure and available in the event of a disaster.

Firewall Security

Building infrastructure, hiring and training personnel, and maintaining security practices can be a large investment for companies that do not have security as a core competency. You have no need to worry; Systel offers anti-virus, managed firewalls, and anti-spam/malware protection.

Servers, Switchs, Routers

Systel's engineers monitor your hardware equipment and responds to alerts on a proactive basis. We work hard to know before a disaster strikes.