LED Conversion

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The biggest benefits of LED bulbs for your business are their long life and lasting energy efficiency. LED lights use 85% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and 50% less than even high-efficiency CFL.

LED lights can also be used with dimmer switches, increasing energy savings while allowing you to adjust the mood and ambiance in your rooms.

LED Lighting for Retail Stores

The right lighting can be the difference it takes to make a sale in your store. The lighting experts at Systel can create lighting solutions that bring your store to life. You can use LED lights for:
  • Accent Lighting – emphasize product shape, color, and texture to help customers make informed decisions. Special technologies can be used to deliver rich, vibrant color without fading or discoloring merchandise.
  • Ambient Lighting – ambient or general lighting can improve a customer’s sense of comfort, well-being, and orientation. The easier it is for customers to find their way, the more likely they are to stay and browse.
  • Specialty Area Lighting – specialty LED lighting is ideal for the checkout aisle, the prep area of a deli, the back office, or the employee break room, as well as bathrooms and dressing rooms.

LED Lighting for Offices

Companies can benefit from efficient and effective office lighting. Today’s workplace is a complex and fluid environment, involving a wide range of visual tasks. Minimum glare on screens, low luminance contrasts around the workstation, and energy cost reduction are just a few of the key requirements. Systel can work with you to design innovative solutions that combine the latest in LED lighting technology with stylish design.

Light influences people’s emotions, how they view their space and their world, and how they start and end their day. At Systel, we understand this and can help transform the office lighting in your buildings and facilities with LED lights, while ensuring your upfront investment is paid back as quickly as possible.