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When companies transferred their workplace location or upgraded their cabling systems in the past, they left behind huge amount of cable, which became abandoned in the riser systems and ceilings throughout their buildings. These abandoned cables caused significant issues for safety and security, given that in the event of a fire, it increased the level of fuel load when a fire broke out. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) was written into the National Electric Code (NEC) to provide regulations on how the demolition and removal of abandoned cable should be handled.

Abandoned cable is defined as “installed communications cable that is not terminated at both ends at a connector or other equipment and not identified ‘For Future Use’ with a tag,” (Paragraphs 800.2 and 770.2 of NEC 2002). Due to changes in the National Electric Code (NEC), these abandoned wires may now deem your property out of code, jeopardize your fire insurance, and constitute a significant legal liability. It is a violation of the NEC to have abandoned wires in your building's risers or plenums.

The code was implemented because of increased hazards of extra wire that functions as an accelerant, which adds fuel to fires in ceilings, walls or airflow systems. Large quantities of deserted cable have been left in buildings in past years from decades of tenancy. According to the 2002 NEC, building owners are liable for abandon cables and removal when a tenant vacate the premises.

Fire Concerns

Take into consideration the regular communications wire that may be installed in a facility. A substantial section of the weight of that cable remains in the form of plastic insulation as well as jacking material that surrounds the copper wiring.

Fire Risk: If there happens to be a fire that breaks out in the building, these products can both fuel as well as spread out the fire in a concealed area. Smoke generated by these products has toxins. Older-generation cables are very flammable. Even more recent cabling that adheres to criteria pertaining to smoke as well as flame spread could be a problem, given the sheer quantity of cabling located in several structures. Identifying the extent as well as the severity of this issue, the National Electrical Code (NEC) now needs the extraction of all obtainable deserted copper as well as fiber cable from the structures.

If your company has excess or abandoned cabling, both you and your property are at a serious risk. Not only does this excess cabling increase a building's fuel load in the event of a fire, it could pose as a signafiant liability to you and your company. Property owners and managers are liable for the cabling, even if a previous tenant installed it. This is an issue that should not go overlooked, and such cabling needs to be removed for liability issues, and more importantly, for the safety of both tenants and emergency responders.

Systel is able to provide your company with both NEC compliant cabling installations as well as removal services that minimize any hassle on your end. Contact us so we can audit your facility and give you a proposal to get you in compliance.